Heroes for Hearts gained non-profit, 501(c)3, status in September of 2015, and has since trained 1,100 individuals of the D.C. community in compression only CPR, as well as 20 members in basic CPR (including Rescue Breaths) and AED. Moreover, Heroes for Hearts has just recruited and trained 210 citizen CPR leaders who are ready to go out into the community to train community members free-of-cost.

Additionally, Heroes for Hearts has established a Heroes for Hearts Society in India and a chapter in Kuwait and is working towards establishing chapters in additional universities and schools in D.C., The U.S.A., and internationally.

Heroes for Hearts seeks to engage ever level of communities, from working to testify on public policy that as the potential to save lives, to training and empowering all members of the community who are physically and mentally able to safely perform CPR.


Heroes for Hearts has previously testified before the D.C. City Council. In the Fall of 2016, Bill 21-0243 passed the D.C. City Council, which requires all D.C. high-school students to receive CPR training as a graduation requirement. Heroes for Hearts testified on behalf of this bill in October 2015. To learn more about Bill 21-0243, click here




Heroes for Hearts participated in the annual La Feria de La Familia in Washington DC in 2015 and 2016, to train hundreds of attendees in Citizen CPR for free. La Feria is the premier multi-market grassroots event for the Hispanic community in the United States. This annual, family-friendly event provides entertainment, information, and activities for thousands of attendees, and has been returning to the DC armory for the last six years. We hope to return to La Feria de La Familia for many years to come. 



We have trained businesses, non-profit organizations, community centers, schools, and local restaurants in both our free Citizen CPR class and in Basic CPR/AED/First-Aid classes. Many of our trainees have asked us to frequently return to train additional staff members, receive refresher CPR courses, or to expand their training in CPR.  





Heroes for Hearts also prides itself in participating in the emergency preparedness of local communities. For example, we attended the 2016 National Preparedness Expo at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, to train hospital staff, patients, military personnel, and their family members in Citizen CPR. 





To learn more about our past events, please visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.