Our Story: 

Heroes for Hearts is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Washington D.C., and established in September of 2015. Heroes for Hearts was founded by a group of students from Georgetown University and is entirely student operated. Essentially, Heroes for Hearts is a student-led group of CPR, First Aid, and AED Instructors certified by the American Red Cross that provides Citizen CPR training for any and all community members free-of-cost and also provides CPR, AED, Abdominal Thrusts, and First Aid Training at-cost.




 Our Mission:

To prepare communities in D.C., The U.S.A. and across the globe to be prepared to safely and efficiently act in any situation that requires Cardiopulmonary Resuciatations (CPR) or Automated External Defibrilator (AED) skills.”

Heroes for Hearts aims to increase the rate of bystander CPR, CPR performed by an individual at the scene of a heart attack or cardiac arrest, in an effort to save lives. Our motto is, “20 minutes. Let’s Save a Life.” Taking just 20 minutes out of a single day can provide an individual with the skills, training, and knowledge to potentially save a life. 

Our Goal:

We want AED and CPR skills to be available to all so that if anyone ever needs it, a bystander will be there and prepared to safely act. We want to change the dynamic of those trained in CPR from one that largely encompasses health professionals, to one that encompasses all members of the community. We want it to be the norm to have CPR administered to someone in need within the vital first three minutes of a heart attack or cardiac arrest. We believe in the power of community and that by empowering others to empower themselves and those around them, lives can be saved and a positive impact can be exponentially spread around the world.